Butterfly Playing Cards Black & Silver Marked

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The Black and Silver edition features shiny silver foil on all of the court cards, the Ace of Spades, one of the two jokers and of course, the back design. All four aces have large custom centre pips in the theme of the floral back design.

  • Black & Silver Glided Marked edition
  • Contains a double-backer, and an instructional card which explains the marking systems.
  • Printed by Cartamundi on Slimline card stock with the True Linen B9 finish.
  • Perform miracles not possible with any other deck of cards in the world!

With the help of Cartamundi, we are working with edge-printing specialists in France whose work will not only protect the quality of the cards, but will enhance the pack’s magical features, and defend against humidity and hand moisture that so often weaken un-edge-printed cards along their vulnerable edges.

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