175 thoughts on “The Wishing Well

  1. Kennard lim says:

    Hey,cardvolution,have been buying from you for a while and it seems like you guys don’t have the king slayers(in any of the colours)playing cards,so may i recommend that you add it,thanks

  2. Wee Meng says:

    Hey Cardvolution. I wonder if you can bring in the Cardistry Pulse (Cardistry-con 2018). Much thanks if you can get those hands on them.

  3. Amos says:

    Hi Cardvolution!

    Please please bring in Citizens by Theory 11 and restock Medallions if possible?
    I’m sure many of us would love them!

    Thank you!

  4. Carl Ezekiel says:

    Hey, Cardvolution. Hope you guys could bring in some of the new Orbit Fifth edition. I’m sure a lot of us are waiting anxiously for them to be sold here!

  5. panhavoan888 says:

    hi cardvolution please bring in the bee casino quailty deck the normal one red and blue it is very cheap and please bring in some card guards as well by patrick kun

  6. Brandon Brad Chew says:

    What about the “new” Madison Hellions newly available by Ellusionist ?

    What about any decks by Oath Playing Cards or Third Way Industries?

  7. Les says:

    Please try to brief in:

    – Madison x Erdnase
    – Sleepers Insomniac
    – Royal Reserve

    Maybe can lower Red Fontaine too. 😡 LOL

  8. rey0808xxxx says:

    Hi,Cardvolution, Pls Sell these decks
    1. Vintage Plaid Playing Cards (Red Arizona)
    2.Erdnase x Madison deck (both of the decks) (only the playing cards)

  9. rey0808xxxx says:

    Hi, Cardvolution, pls make these cards back in stock again 1. Black Mint
    2. Raspberry Mint
    3. Alex Pandrea White NOC V3 Signature Edition

  10. Abhishek says:

    Red Gemini (Toomas Pintson)
    Orbit 3rd Edition (Chris Brown)
    David Blaine White Lions, Black Gatorbacks, Silver Split spades
    Joker and Thief (Red)

  11. José Miguel Berríos says:

    Hi, Cardvolution! Can you please bring Skateboard Playing Cards, Wynn(Blue) Deck, Anglo Rug playing cards Please?
    Love u <3 Cheers from Chile

  12. Isaac Hakeem says:

    Hey there Cardvolution! Would be really nice if you guys vould get devo’s chrome kings when they come out! Thanks in advance 🙂

  13. David Tong says:

    Please stock the D&D reprint of Tahoe Arccos! They’re impossible to find at a responsible price shipped to Australia!

  14. Jun Hwang says:

    Hallo Cardvolution! Would be great if you can find and bring in some Split Spades Blue! Also, thank you for the awesome service and the promptness in delivery!

  15. 2000avatar says:

    Hey Cardvolution! I’d love to see more bicycle and ellusionist decks on your site, like Shadow Masters, Tragic Royalty or pyromaniac!

  16. Samuel Siew says:

    Hi Cardvolution! Would love to see the classic Bee playing cards!! Super affordable and durable. Love to see the kings wild project tally ho deck too!

  17. skhomic says:

    Inverno Deck – Winter Edition
    Verana Deck – Summer Editiony
    Primavera Deck – Spring Edition
    Seronda Deck – Fall Edition
    Limited Edition Inverno Deck
    Seronda One-Way Force Deck
    Primavera One-Way Force Deck
    Signed Black NOC Deck

  18. darrenex0 says:

    Hello Cardvolution!!!! I don’t know if you are able to to this but you have got to bring in the ULTIMATE MARKED DECK to your store!!!!
    It is by far the best marked deck of all time!!!!!! And it would be so awesome if you guys have it! thanks!

  19. nguyenbuck101 says:

    Hi Cardvolution, please add Bicycle American Frontier into your deck list. I can’t wait to get them along with the recent deck of Ricky Smith – Les Printemps. Thank you in advance.

  20. Toh says:

    Hi, is it possible to bring in trainer decks (portal trainers, metropol trainers) ? I’m sure may cardists (including me) are yearning to get them 🙂

  21. meepokkia123 says:

    I would love to see the owl eyes here in SG, it is beautiful and i want to get it without the ridiculous currency exchange and shipping costs

  22. nguyenbuck101 says:

    Thank you so much Card Volution. I just went to Singapore last week and after visiting Toy Outpost, I picked up totally 9 decks with very reasonable prices. I wish I stayed in Singapore to become your member.

  23. kevincxy96 says:

    Hey Cardvolution! Is it possible for you guys to sell the D&D smoke and mirrors deck individually? I would love to get my hands on one or two of them but buying the whole box is too expensive! Thanks guys!!

  24. Haikal Sean says:

    Hey Cardvolution, it’d be great if you guys can bring in the Stainless Steel card clips from Ellusionist. The ones with Shadow
    Masters, Black Tiger, Ghost, Arcane and Artifice. I’m sure it’ll come in handy for us cardists. Hoping you guys like the suggestion, thanks guys.

  25. Haikal Sean says:

    Hey Cardvolution! Could you please try to bring in the Artifice series with the white borders? Really like that deck, hoping to get some. Thanks!

  26. Liang says:

    Hi Cardvolution!! Please try to bring in the Elmers Rubber Cement!! Thanks a lot if you people can try to do that!! 🙂

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