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Smooth/Ivory – no embossing pattern, found on Aladdins and Aviators.

Card Finish
Bicycle Air-cushion
Bee Cambric
Tally Ho Linoid
Magic finish
Performance coating [Ellusionist]

Card Stock
Bee Standard stock
Bee Casino Grade Stock – thicker, last longer. Ellusionist

Card Quality
Q1 – The highest grade available. Given by its printing and finishing. Most favourite brands like Ellusionist, Theory 11 and Dan & Dave use Q1 for their decks.
Q2 – Similar to Q1, however more bad decks can be spotted.
Q3 – Personalized Cards offered by USPCC. They are not as good as Q1 and Q2.

Printing Press
Sheet Fed Press – small runs, quality not a concern
Web Press – Large runs, better quality
The above information is for your reference only. It does not reflect the current status and things that could change at the USPCC.


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