11 thoughts on “My Cardvolution Tree

  1. skhomic says:

    Would like to have…..

    Inverno Deck – Wintet Edition
    Verana Deck – Summer Edition
    Primavera Deck – Spring Edition
    Seronda Dack – Fall Edition
    Limited Edition Inverno Deck
    Primavera One-Way Force Deck
    Seronda One-Way Force Deck
    Signed Black NOC Deck

  2. Liaw says:

    Hihi Cardvolution, I would be great if you open a locker at Hako @ JCube too, that would make buying stuff much easier for me!

    • shaunleejiahan says:

      i totally agree with this! Travelling to Boon Lay (where i usually go) really takes quite some while!

  3. Matthew says:

    Can you bring in the Madison Gamblers Deck/DVD bundle please. I can’t find it anywhere else in Singapore and shipping fees are ridiculously expensive…

  4. Liang says:

    Hi Cardvolution!! Please try to bring in the Elmers Rubber Cement!! Thanks a lot if you people can try to do that!! 🙂

  5. Chris says:

    Hi, I have a suggestion. Maybe you could make a poll for kickstarter projects and those that get enough demand, maybe you could bring them in? 🙂


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