Handshields Modern Playing Cards By Anthony Chanut

Handshields Playing Cards are a tribute to Anthony Chanut’s first Cardistry creation: Handshield. The five packets seen on the logo represent the main display of the move. The Modern Edition has been designed to look elegant and sophisticated to be a perfect tool for magicians and mentalists using playing cards. The deck also contains subtle elements of Cardistry such as the logo and a straight line through the middle of the back to enhance cards and packets movements when they happen.

The Ace of Spades is designed to be elegant and sophisticated like the rest of the deck. It is a clean Spade shape with the Handshields ‘H’ inside it. The court cards are a simplification of the standard court cards with the Handshields custom colours to match the back of the cards as well as the tuck box. The facial expressions have been slightly altered to make the characters look more appealing.

Handshields are printed by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC) on a Classic Paper with Air-Cushion Finish.

In order to improve the quality further, the deck is also crushed to make the cards thinner (a sought-after quality in the Cardistry community these days) and cut with a face-down punch to facilitate Faro shuffles (for the card-magicians out there).

Only 2500 decks have been printed. A lot of them have been sold through Kickstarter in 2017 and we only have a limited amount for purchase.


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