Mirage V3 Eclipse Edition

Mirage Eclipse Edition has the same iconic look by Patrick Kun with new upgraded materials from inside out. From the tuck case, V3 features a thick black dyed tuck case with an accent of silver foil stamp along sealed with a red metallic stamp.

Brand new paper stock?

Yes! We worked very closely with Legends Playing Cards to find the best paper we can find that is perfect for both magic and cardistry. This edition of Mirage was printed on a brand new “Cardistry” paper from Taiwan. The cards feel extremely soft right out from the box and hold its shape well even after heavy use. Personally, I am always a big fan of thinner stock deck and I am sure you will love this paper too.

Marked deck note:

A secret feature was added to this edition of the Mirage playing cards. That’s right. They’re marked! Let’s keep that between us. There is a secret link inside the box which reveals all. It was very important for this marking system to be as practical as possible, and I think we nailed it!

Special features:

– Optical illusion back specially designed for both magic and cardistry

– Secret marking system that can be read on all four corners. The marking is easy to spot and yet still pass the riffle test! No need to worry about anyone finding out the secrets.

– Fully custom court cards by Tomas Hlavaty

– Comes in Juan Tamariz’s Mnemonica stack.



In stock

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