Purple Orbit 3rd Edition By Chris Brown

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Welcome back for year 3 of the Orbit Playing Card brand where we enter the era of the Nebula Purple Orbits. A sharp purple that has high saturation seems like it’s trying a bit too hard to capture your attention. It doesn’t look like it’s trying hard to get you to look. Which makes me want to look at it more. It feels as soft as it looks. It’s a very relaxing shade.

These cards are on thin crushed bicycle stock. Normal bicycle stock is pressed normally during the production process. But there are ways to crush them down even harder to make the cards a bit thinner. The difference is very obvious to the average card handler. They spring, fan, and spread easier than ever before. There aren’t too many decks that have this stock these days but if you have felt the blue DKNG deck or the Pink Flourish deck, they feel very similar. They handle like butter.


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