Madison Confession 3-Deck Set

The 4 confessions series decks are about truth, honour, freedom and consequence. A physical manifestation of the 4 faces of Madison. Nobody is ever 100% pure. To be human is to be as bad as you are good. It takes a man to confess that.

The confessions deck bares the name of the series.They’re the spark that lit the fire on this riteous grouping of playing cards.
Crushed stock cards bridge the gap between minimal and intricate Paths with a classic two logo deisgn forged into an incredibly detailed monogram. The custom ace of spades honors each of the other decks in the series. Proudly stealing their themes into one complex design.
But it’s more than just a deck…. Confessions are a unique collaboration with the community. Each of the 52 cards is printed with a REAL anonymous confession from a sinner. Those seeking forgiveness from Madison.

have you been forgiven? This set includes Confessions, Saints and Martyrs. 

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